Discovering what's essential with Jen Riday

Jen Riday

More about Jen:

Jen Riday is the host of the Founder of the Vibrant Happy Women movement and the host of the very popular Vibrant Happy Women Podcast. She's also a mom of 6. Jen helps women to heal their hearts and increase self love so they can more easily love those around them. She supports women on their self love journeys through the Vibrant Happy Women Academy.

Jen has a free guide called the Self Love 6 which you can grab at:



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Jen Riday is a mother of 6. She holds a PhD in human development and family studies, and runs an online business helping women heal their hearts and build self love. With that kind of background I thought Jen would have a lot to say about motherhood….which, of course, she did! We covered quite a bit of ground in this conversation, and one of the pieces that kept coming up was how raising children has helped Jen discover what's essential.

Jen and I have known each other for a few years. I was a guest on her hugely popular Vibrant Happy Women podcast when she was just getting started (here's the episode), so it felt like a full-circle moment to have Jen on my podcast as I'm getting started. 

Jen is so generous in this episode. She shares a lot of personal stories about what it's like to raise six children, run a business, and maintain a sense of self amidst all of it.