Episode 0: "I'll never be somebody's mother."

I'll never be somebody's mother.png

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Welcome to the first (unofficial) episode of Maybe Someday! In this episode I share how I got here and why I want to make the show.

And I have to say: every time I think about someone listening to this, I'm simultaneously thrilled and terrified. Like, I want to tell everyone *and* I want to hide under my bed and never come out.

It's scary to share something so personal. But as I've talked to people about the show, and as I've observed the chatter in newspapers and blogs this year about Mother's Day (to say nothing of the marketing campaigns), it seems clear to me that these are conversations worth having.

Becoming a mother—or not becoming a mother—is complex. There's so much personal and societal baggage tied up in it. That's what I want to explore on the show—as a way for me to come to terms with my own complex decision, and as a way to create space for interesting, difficult, and emotional conversations.

I really do want this to be a conversation! So please, PLEASE don't be shy about saying hello here on the blog, or over on Instagram or Facebook, or by sending me an email. I read and respond to everything.

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