Episode 4: Little Corners

Maybe Someday Podcast

Tammy Cannon lives in Snohomish, WA with her husband and three teens. In the early days, she was at home with her three children, who were all under the age of three. I wanted to talk to Tammy about the expectations she had for herself as she shifted from a job she loved to being at home with three young kids.

Tammy shares a lot about her insecurities, doubts, and struggles in those early years at home. She isn't resentful about her decision, but with distance she has some perspective on what she wished she had done. She talks openly about the little corners of herself that feel like mothering might have gone differently for her in the beginning. I think this one will resonate with any parent of young children.

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Tammy Cannon

Tammy Cannon


Tammy now runs a social media consulting company at www.cannononlinemarketing.com