Episode 5: Devotion

Maybe Someday Podcast

In small-town Connecticut in the late 1970s, Carol Egan got pregnant—quite unexpectedly—at 18. In this remarkable episode Carol describes her experience being sent away to a home for unwed mothers to give birth, being forced to give up her child and fighting to get him back, and raising her son as a young single mother.


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Carol Egan

Carol Egan

Carol Egan is a Cornell University-trained Executive Health Coach and Founder of Immersion Health, a company that specializes in corporate leadership and wellness trainings. As a member of Forbes’ Coaches Council, Carol has created and led wellness programs and workshops for C-Suite executives at Travelers Insurance, Keller-Williams, ESPN, JP Morgan, Dana Farber, GE Capital and other Fortune 500 brands. Through her programs, Carol has helped hundreds of executives transform their minds and bodies with simple and sustainable strategies for healthy living.

You can learn more about Carol at www.carol-egan.com