Queering parenthood

bon jon

More about Bon:

Bon Jon (they / them / their) is a self-described queer feral cat who is most at home outside. Whether outside in nature or outside boundaries and boxes, they're almost always in motion.

Most recently, Bon has been focusing their creativity and passion for exploring all things gender on the soon-to-launch podcast "Gender Blender". Bon interviewed me for their show and if you want to know when that episode airs, you can follow me on Instragram @maybesomedayshow for all the details.

Bon’s latest project is a six-month walk across Canada (seriously - from Vancouver to south central Ontario, which is more than 5000 kilometers/3000 miles). During the walk they hope to make space for writing, connection, and following their curiosities.

You can find Bon over on Instagram (@bonnbury). They just released a new podcast called Gender Blender (#genderblenderpodcast) - look it up! It's amazing.

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A few weeks ago, in a hot, cramped sound booth at the Vancouver Public Library, I sat down with Bon (they/their/theirs) for a long conversation about gender, motherhood, and family. Bon identifies as genderqueer. I asked them to share some of their insights about gender and parenthood, but as you’ll hear - Bon is a natural interviewer and they pretty much ended up interviewing me. What I loved so much about our conversation, beyond Bon’s gentle, insightful approach to queering parenthood, is that it was a great reflection on the first season of Maybe Someday and helps set the stage for our new season.