Enthusiastically childfree

Enthusiastically childfree

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Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp and co-creator of The Copy Cure, is a copywriting expert who helps entrepreneurs find the perfect words to express and sell what they do. Through her work with hundreds of clients (including online biggies like Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield) she’s seen firsthand that putting “you” into your copy is pure magic for getting people to love you up, share your ideas, and happily click your Buy button.

In addition to online types, Laura’s list of clients and credits include NBC, Bravo, HBO, TBS, Fandango, and many, many more. So if you watch TV -- and don’t skip the commercials -- you just might see her words on air.

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Laura Belgray has a very happy life without kids. But she spent a long time on the fence deciding whether to have them—she wanted to want kids, but she just didn’t. Laura noticed that there weren’t a lot of examples of women who were living full, rich, happy lives without kids (except for Helen Mirren), which made imagining a happy childfree life a lot harder.

But Laura ended up becoming her own example of how to live a great life without kids. And this past Mother’s Day she wrote a really popular article on Medium challenging the comments that women get about their choice not to have kids. I asked Laura if she’d come on the show to talk about it.

So, full disclosure: Laura is my business mentor. One of the messages that Laura preaches to business owners is how important it is to be yourself and to own who you are. So it’s no surprise to me at all that she’s saying essentially the same thing about owning your decision to be childfree.

I’m really grateful to Laura for taking the time to come on the show and share some really personal (and very funny) stories. Honestly I don’t know how she remembers so much about her childhood. But that’s the sign of an exceptional writer: someone who notices all the little details.

This was such a fun conversation. If you’re on the fence about having kids, this episode is definitely worth your time. And if you’re here because you know and love Laura, welcome to the party.

Discussed in episode 35 with Laura Belgray

  • The lesson that made Laura realize that it's okay to be who you are

  • Laura’s relationship with her mom and the rest of her family, and how it has impacted her

  • The agony we can put ourselves through when we're deciding whether to have children

  • Why women need to stop apologizing for choosing to not have kids

  • How to stop believing that you have to compensate in some way for not making babies

  • What Laura would tell her younger self about the decision to be childfree

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