Living life to the fullest

living life to the fullest

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Award-winning photographer Briena Sash is the founder & creator of Wellness Stock Shop - the place to be for wellness influencers who want to stand out and grow their audience FAST - with EXTRAORDINARY imagery. 

Briena knows that mediocre pics (let’s say, a woman on a massage table with perfectly-placed hair flower - looking suspiciously photoshopped to look perfect) are the recipe for mediocre business success.

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Usually when people talk about living life to the fullest, they mean having adventures and maximizing every moment for excitement. But I think living life to the fullest actually means having the freedom to go where life asks you to go and letting yourself experience the full range of human emotions—not just the pleasant parts.

Of course living life to the fullest includes adventure and excitement. But sometimes it looks like dropping everything to be at your best friend’s side as she dies of cancer, or flying to Spain a few years later to help your dead best friend’s parents, or throwing your whole self into starting a business, or recovering from all that on a trip to Bali.

That’s what living life to the fullest looks like for Briena Sash. And I don’t want it to sound like Briena’s life isn’t full of adventure and excitement, because it definitely is. But I spoke to Briena when she was in a specific season of her life-recovering from burnout-burnout that came from caretaking, grief, and overwork.

I think one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves about childfree women is that they’re selfish.

Every single one of the childfree women in my life, and the ones I’ve spoken with on this show, are caregivers. Whether they care for other people’s kids, friends in need, aging parents, animals, the community they live in—they devote time and energy and love to people outside their immediate family.

Childfree women are able to do what a lot of people with kids aren’t able to do—drop everything to be with someone who needs them. And there’s nothing selfish about that. For some of us, that’s what it looks like to live life to the fullest-to spread our care and our love as wide as we possibly can.

Discussed in episode 32 with Briena Sash

  • The necessity of learning to balance work and life and how Briena lives her life to the fullest

  • How living with her dad shaped Briena’s life

  • Making difficult decisions as a child, even if it means hurting those you love

  • How Briena’s experience with her mom has impacted her view of mothering

  • Why Briena knew she never wanted to have kids

  • How to make an impact on a young person as someone other than a parent

  • Briena’s entrepreneur journey and what it’s like to finally have her dream business

  • Leaving a legacy that doesn’t involve having a child

  • Combating the belief that not having children is selfish