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Meng Wang gave up her steady, comfortable dental practice in the city to work in the Australian outback.  She travels long distances by road and air to visit remote communities in North Western Queensland, where she provides dental services to people in need. Meng has interned and volunteered as a dentist in 5 different countries, and she loves to travel off the beaten path.

In 2018, after ten years of suffering, Meng was successfully treated for endometriosis. The procedure that would put an end to her pain meant that she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant in the future. So, she electively chose to be sterilised at the age of 29. The procedure drastically improved her quality of life , and she hasn’t looked back. But she had to fight to be able to get it done.

What struck me most about Meng was how self-reliant and determined she is. She’s always seeking her next challenge. I wanted to know what it was like for her, and what sort of barriers she ran into, when she decided at such a young age to have a procedure that would eliminate the possibility of becoming pregnant.

(Just a heads up that the sound quality for the phone connection to the Australian outback is not that great. But I hope you’ll stick with this episode, because Meng has some important insights to share about living your own life and knowing your own mind.)


More about Meng

Mengzhu Wang

Mengzhu Wang

After a stint as an instrumental music teacher following a Bachelor of Music from Griffith Conservatorium, Meng did a 180 and returned to Griffith University to study dentistry, graduating in 2014. It was there she first caught the travel bug on a dental placement to Nepal. Other countries rapidly followed, with number 35, Uzbekistan, in April. Meng is a frequent traveller off the beaten path, with her last major adventure a road trip on the Pamir Highway on the Panj River bordering Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Meng has interned and volunteered as a dentist in 5 different countries (Nepal, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Israel and Timor Leste, 6 if you count Australia!), and gave up her steady city job to work in the outback in Mount Isa in late 2018. She frequently travels vast distances by road and air across remote communities in North Western Queensland, providing much needed dental services and assisting remote area law enforcement and community members as a Justice of the Peace. Meng will soon be driving a dental truck after obtaining her medium rigid truck licence in 2019.

In 2018 Meng was successfully treated for endometriosis and menorrhagia after 10 years of suffering and electively chose to be sterilised at the age of 29. With her quality of life drastically improved, Meng has since become an open water qualified scuba diver, competitive member of the Mount Isa Pistol Club, weekly regular at Parkrun Mount Isa and is currently training for the Gold Coast Half Marathon.