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Maybe Someday Podcast with Meng Wang

More about Meng:

Meng is the type of person who gives up a super steady and predictable dental practice in the city to go live in the Australian outback. She’s the type of person who loves to travel off the beaten path - sometimes as a dental volunteer, sometimes as a solo traveler. 
She’s also the type of person who knows that she’d rather live a life without debilitating pain rather than hold on to the *possibility* that she might want to get pregnant down the road. She knew she didn’t want to get pregnant, and she knew she wouldn’t change her mind. But she still needed proof from a doctor that she understood the consequences of her decision.

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Meng Wang gave up her steady, comfortable dental practice in the city to work in the Australian outback.  She travels long distances by road and air to visit remote communities in North Western Queensland, where she provides dental services to people in need. Meng has interned and volunteered as a dentist in 5 different countries, and she loves to travel off the beaten path.

In 2018, after ten years of suffering, Meng was successfully treated for endometriosis. The procedure that would put an end to her pain meant that she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant in the future. So, she electively chose to be sterilised at the age of 29. The procedure drastically improved her quality of life , and she hasn’t looked back. But she had to fight to be able to get it done.

What struck me most about Meng was how self-reliant and determined she is. She’s always seeking her next challenge. I wanted to know what it was like for her, and what sort of barriers she ran into, when she decided at such a young age to have a procedure that would eliminate the possibility of becoming pregnant.