Trusting your intuition

Trusting your intuition

More about Melanie:

Melanie Scott is an Intuitive Business Strategist who empowers and supports female entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses while increasing their income, having an impact and feeling deeply fulfilled. Melanie helps women clear the overwhelm and doubt and get their life, their home, and their business into alignment.

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Melanie Scott describes herself as a seeker. She reached out to me with this message:

“I see this all the time people following cultural norms or family pressures to follow the rules of college, job, marry, kids. But they’re not fulfilled. I think it's essential for all of us to connect to our truth, our soul, our essence and live from that place.”

Melanie takes a spiritual and intuitive approach to being childfree by choice (and really, to making any life decisions). I think this is an important topic for us to cover on the show.

A friend of mine describes herself as woo-curious, (which is hilarious) and I think I’d put myself in the same category. I’ll admit that I’ve become a lot more open to woo-woo in the last few years. Tuning into my intuition and paying attention to how my thoughts affect my mood have truly improved my life.

But I can be curious and remain a skeptic. Like I always say, two things can be true. I still get a bit squeamish talking about some of these concepts, and I admitted as much to Melanie. So you might notice me asking her to translate some of those spiritual concepts into more, let’s say, concrete terms. But this ended up being such a rich and wonderful conversation about dealing with difficult feelings, trusting your gut, and following your heart.

Discussed in episode 30 with Melanie Scott:

  • Bumping up against expectations that your family may have for your life

  • Learning to listen to your intuition when making decisions (big or small)

  • Stepping away from your cultural box and aligning with your soul

  • The importance of getting to know yourself for personal fulfillment

  • Doing the work to break the pattern of following your mother’s path

  • Learning to manage negative emotions

  • Being open and honest about the hardship of motherhood