How to write a podcast review in iTunes

One of the best ways you can support Maybe Someday (or really, any podcast you love) is to rate and review it in iTunes (the podcast section is now called Apple Podcasts). This helps get the show in front of more people.

Here's how to do it:

On your desktop

  • Go to the Apple Podcasts page for Maybe Someday:
  • Click 'View in iTunes' (left side, under the show icon)
  • Go to 'Ratings and Reviews'
  • Under 'Customer Ratings' it will give you the option 'Click to Rate' for your star rating
  • Under 'Customer Reviews' click 'Write a Review' to leave your honest feedback about the show.

On your smartphone

(you need the Podcasts app to do this)

  • In the Podcasts app, hit Search (lower right)
  • Search for Maybe Someday (even if you already subscribe)
  • Hit the logo to open the show page
  • Scroll down to Ratings & Reviews
  • Tap to give a star rating
  • Hit Write a Review to leave your honest feedback about the show

Seriously, this makes a *huge* difference! Thank you for supporting the show.

Sarah DobsonComment