Reflection: The Voice In Your Head

The Voice In Your Head

We all have that voice in our head asking, "Am I good enough?"

Last week I spoke with Jen Riday, a mother of six and all-round force of nature. Among the many things that struck me about my conversation with Jen was what she said about judging herself as a mother. There’s a voice in her head asking, Am I good Enough? 

Am I Good Enough is a question that is also at the heart of what some of us without kids ask ourselves. How do I fit in? Who am I supposed to be?

It was interesting for me to explore that with Jen, because as an outsider I don’t often hear from mothers about what it’s like to live with those expectations. It struck me that even if you do follow all the rules, so to speak, there are a whole other set of expectations waiting for you on the other side.  

Am I good Enough is a question about worthiness, but it’s also a question about our place in the world. And here’s what that question really drove home for me:

There is still such a narrow idea of what it means to a woman and what it means to be a mother.

And the question Am I Good Enough is rooted in the fear of stepping outside that narrow prescription. I think we’re making room for different models of motherhood and womanhood, making room for different ways of being, but it still feels a little scary to step outside those expectations. 

Does that feel true for you? How has it felt for you to step outside expectations? Let me know in the comments.

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